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I am glad you are here, by Kim Nicol

We are on this beautiful planet for a short period of time. What do you want to do with the time that you have? For Kim, because of many different things that happened in her life, she realized that what she wants is to live her life in a way that really supports and brings more calm to other humans, so they can move in the world and do what they want to get done. That can be achieved more effectively and with ease when we have a sense of calm and mindfulness inside, she believes.

How would Kim paint her dream future? It continues to evolve every day! What she has learnt is that sometimes, on the way to reaching a particular dream, you change along the way. . . and when you get it, you realize that it's not what you want anymore, or it's not what you thought it would be. And so you choose a new dream! The mindset of discovery and growth is so important. Kim wants to continue to bring this mindfulness practice and amplify the internal calm and presence of all humans around her so they can then influence and bring the calm to all of the people around them.

What makes what she does a positive business? It is so much about being aware of why you are showing up and how you are showing up. It is hard, it is challenging. There are highs and lows that come with the territory. The most important part is knowing how you are holding your own energy and intention on the inside. That is a daily practice that we need to come back to over and over again.

Inspiration? “I am glad you are here”. If you say this on the inside of yourself and you say this to other people around, you will be surprised what begins to happen.

I am glad you are here, kind Kim!

Find out more about Kim Nicol in here.

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