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Cultivate Your Why | Workshop I

At our recent Workshop held at Sales Innovation School in Madrid, alongside a debate designed to embrace empathy through cultivating kind relationships and co-creating more human organizations, we put into practice a hands-on approach and started exploring our personal purpose with our new tool: Personal Purpose Model Canvas©.

After exploring our sense of purpose we projected ourselves in our working environments - as we spend an average of 90.000 hours of our lives dedicated to work. After imagining the worst working scenarios and dreaming about the most desirable working environments, we collected insights from the participants, that were more than inspiring. What constitutes a dream working environment can be seen in the iconographic below:

Heavenish scenario

Moreover, what people sense as a hellish working environment:

Hellish scenario

As people at work, we value a beautiful workplace, clear and kind communication, caring relationships that foster kindness, respect, hugs, empathy, tolerance, trust, collaboration, teamwork and allowing more self-confidence. On the other hand, as individuals in the workplace being a part of a group, we care a lot about playfulness, humor, trust, a sense of community, a supportive network and culture that allows one to learn from mistakes.

Interested in exploring these topics with us? Our next workshop will be on March 14th, when we will explore How to Cultivate a Kind Work Environment.

More info in the Events page.

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