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About Positive Business at Beautiful Business

Positive Business Lab was present at the Evening of Beautiful Business in Munich, Germany, at the last gathering by The Business Romantic Society.

Welcomed by diffferent at their office in that city, we had warm and meaningful conversations with all attendees. From human interactions with machines to the changes that some great leaders of multinational German companies are promoting in their corporations, we felt once again the community spirit that brings together so many curious people, leaders and future thinkers.

Positive Business Lab conveyed its core message: the true meaning of positive purpose and that genuine kindness and collaboration are the new disruption. Starting from our own purpose journey, how it was born and how it is leading us to promote a shift from human beings to being humans!

It was great seeing people engaging in the conversation furthermore, the topic 'purpose' was raised right before we took our places on the couch! The audience was craving for a deeper discussion about it. All a confirmation that we are on the right path, and we are very grateful for all those that support us.

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