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House of Beautiful Business

We are so happy to have found out about, and to have a chance to attend this beautiful week-event called House of Beautiful Business. HoBB is a pop-up community of soul searchers in the age of machines that will happen before and during Web Summit, the best technology conference on the planet, in Lisbon between 3.-10. November. It is both inspiring and reassuring to our own beliefs. It was great seeing that there is a flow happening around these topics and it is growing around the globe.

As Positive Business Lab we believe we should all join our missions and work synergistically. And we do have a mission!

"Making humans human with kindness by bringing wellness and beauty to mankind."

We are looking forward to being in Lisbon with our dear new friends at HoBB and their co-founder Tim Leberecht. We have recently shared his TED talk in one of our previous blog posts: Create beauty to maintain our humanity.

On their Journal of Beautiful Business, you can find their beautifully thoughtful questions. We just loved them and wanted to reply to them in a different way. Check our next post for that. But until next time some food for thought... How can we make efficiency human?

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