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We can all be leaders, by Raj Brahmbhatt

Raj Brahmbhatt is an inspirational leader who has volunteered in support of fellow deaf people and colleagues all over the UK.

For Raj, leadership is about empowering people; enabling people to enable themselves. He believes we are all the same, that we are all equal, and that we can all be leaders. It is about making people aware of this... aware of the power of co-creation, with all for one, and for humanity.

He always believes in following your heart and acting from therein. Leadership is about compassionate understanding towards others and about creating collective cohesion among peoples. It is about sharing the love, faith and hope that he has in humanity, and for this world to always positively progress.

Raj has always been passionate about helping people equally, creating opportunities so that access to information and services is a right enjoyed by all. Compassionate and loving, he just wants people to be happy and live the life they want and deserve.

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