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Create beauty to maintain our humanity

As machines take our jobs and do them more efficiently, soon the only work left for us humans will be the kind of work that must be done beautifully rather than efficiently says self-described "business romantic" Tim Leberecht in his TED talk: Four ways to build a human company in the age of machines.

These are 4 principles that we can use to build beautiful Organization:

Do the Unnecessary

Leading with beauty means rising above what is merely necessary.

Create intimacy

Intimacy is the opposite of loneliness. Studies show that how we feel about our workplace very much depends on the relationships with our coworkers. And what are relationships other than a string of micro-interactions that have potential to distinguish a good life from a beautiful one?

Be Ugly

To be authentic is to be ugly. It does not mean you can not have fun, but it means that you speak the actual ugly truth.

Remain Incomplete

The most beautiful organizations are ideas worth fighting for even and especially when the outcomes are uncertain.

To do the unnecessary, create intimacy, be ugly and remain incomplete these are not only the qualities of beautiful organizations. These are also the qualities of what we call home. As we disrupt we have to ensure that we still feel at home in our organizations and that we create that feeling also for others.

Beauty can save the world when we embrace these principles and design for them. In the face of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we need a new radical humanism. We need to promote new sentimental education.

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