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Small wins to make work more enjoyable

Happiness & Wellbeing at Workplace; Yale Working Women's Network - Ula Mikus and Dijana Galijasevic

How often do we hear people complaining about going to work? Or successful people not being able to point out what exactly drives what they are doing? Given that the average human being spends more than 90,000 hours of his/her life working, being happy and excited about what he/she does should be one of the most desired feelings.

“Happiness is not about what happens to you, but how you choose to respond to what happens." Karen Salmansohn

Yale Working Women’s Network recently organized an event at Yale University concerning ‘Happiness & Wellbeing at Workplace’ through HR best practices, organizational development and personal happiness.

Having employees that feel like their work matters, coming to a culture where people greet each other and where they have strong and supportive relationships makes work more enjoyable. Although things like benefits, salary and fun will make work less painful, this is just a temporary solution.

Here are few small tips on how to make your work more enjoyable:

  • Share secrets

  • Start on a positive note and keep interactions positive. See the good in people.

  • Search for similarity avoiding work-related topics.

  • Give constructive feedback on your friendships.

  • Avoid small talk. Coach and motivate others. Be inclusive.

  • Buy a book for your boss.

  • Be kind. Give hugs. Smile.

Happiness at work is a reflection of our state of mind and our sense of purpose to it. It comes through finding joy and a sense of fulfillment in what we do.

One of the recommended methods for releasing stress and increasing happiness was meditation and the importance of every day practice with presence and awareness.

A few tips that can guide you through a day of presence and awareness:

  • In the morning:

  • 20 min morning meditation - visualize 2-3 key goals that you want to achieve through the day.

  • Stretch and hydrate your body with water.

  • Read a daily quote (app suggestions: Sattva, Positive, Espiritualidad, appyQuote, Yodha Love).

  • Avoid scrolling through social media.

  • Take a walk – embrace nice memories and things you are proud of.

  • Before going to sleep:

  • 20 min meditation.

  • Keep a gratefulness journal. Write three things that happened during the day that you are grateful for.

More tips on how to be engaged in a more meaningful manner in you work can be found in the detailed presentation from the event, with links and recommendations.

Please share with us by commenting below your ideas and good practices that you bring to your work or everyday life.

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