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Aligning Your Organization with Something Bigger




How We Work

We navigate together a conscious process to create your own roadmap towards a thriving future.

Our approach uses participatory action and facilitation to grasp the collective wisdom.

What We Do

Social Purpose

Emerging your organization social purpose through the collective meaning.


Co-creating your tailored roadmap to achieve the desired results for impact.


Supporting implementation, tracking and communicating results.


Activating your organization as a living system.

Either the Sustainable Development Goals are fully assumed with enlightened self-interest by the business community, the private sector, and the financial sector, or the SDG will be a very nice exercise in diplomatic discussions in New York and maybe in some policies of some Governments, but the impact on people, the impact on poverty, the impact on the planet, will be extremely small. This is now an objective that can only work if the whole of society engages, and the role of the business community is crucial. Without your leadership, our project will simply fail.

Antonio Guterres, September 2017, NYC

We walk together with your company aligning your social purpose with the impact on the Sustainable Development Goals.

With the desire to contribute to a faster transition towards a more sustainable world, this implementation guide (IG) has been created to help companies integrate sustainability into their organizational culture. It does this by providing strategic planning guidance so that they can reach their Vision 2050 goals and become leaders in sustainability.

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