23 Jul 2018

The fact that many businesses are actively participating in the UN 2030 Agenda to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is both exciting and essential. That being said, there is a significant risk the SDG could become little more than scaffolding for corporate branding and easy fodder for PR departments.

18 Jun 2018

Rapid change occurs every day and we constantly need to adapt and develop ourselves further in order to not get lost in between all those innovations and challenges that our society faces incessantly. At the same time we must protect our core values and principles, which is why we came together for a Meaningful MeetUp once again to exchange our perspectives. This week’s topic was “Future of Money”...

12 Mar 2018

Being your own boss. Working anywhere. Flexible schedule. Following your passions. Working alone. Working overtime. Instability. Chasing your bills to be paid. These are a few pros and cons that illustrate a typical freelancer's life.

28 Feb 2018

We might all agree there are critical challenges facing today’s world… climate change, rising inequality, mass displacement, demographic shifts, to name few. This is the reason why we chose the Fourth Sector as this week’s topic of a Cozy Meaningful MeetUp. As one of our core values is collaboration, we see the great necessity for a greater collaboration of public (government), private (business),...

23 Feb 2018

At our recent Workshop held at Sales Innovation School in Madrid, alongside a debate designed to embrace empathy through cultivating kind relationships and co-creating more human organizations, we put into practice a hands-on approach and started exploring our personal purpose with our new tool: Personal Purpose Model Canvas©.

After exploring our sense of purpose we projected ourselves in our worki...

16 Jan 2018

Positive Business Lab was present at the Evening of Beautiful Business in Munich, Germany, at the last gathering by The Business Romantic Society

Welcomed by diffferent at their office in that city,  we had warm and meaningful conversations with all attendees. From human interactions with machines to the changes that some great leaders of multinational German companies are promoting in their corp...

31 Oct 2017

In one of our previous blog posts, we have shared with you about the event called House of Beautiful Business. They came up with big House questions and we just love them. While playing the popular game Cards Against Humanity we came to an idea to answer these question in more optimistic format. 

If you are keen on rehumanizing business and exploring meaningful conversations around humanity and tec...

23 Oct 2017

We are so happy to have found out about, and to have a chance to attend this beautiful week-event called House of Beautiful Business. HoBB is a pop-up community of soul searchers in the age of machines that will happen before and during Web Summit, the best technology conference on the planet, in Lisbon between 3.-10. November. It is both inspiring and reassuring to our own beliefs....

In 2015, as a result of informal discussion between the group of young professionals from private sector and Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia the great initiative called Partnership for Change (PfC) arose.

Many conferences and panels are organized to talk about the better future of the country, but rarely something is put into action. Their spontaneous idea became a successful initiative that has...

31 Jul 2017

When talking about the approaches we use in our lives, we could all agree that a positive approach is better than a negative one. Still, I would like to highlight a small, but important difference between positivity and optimism.

Positivity is the state of consciousness that best appears through the saying "everything is good for something". Losing your hand in an accident is not just good for some...

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